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Laser Treatment

What kind of Laser do we use, and what kind of conditions do the lasers help?

We use what is known as a cold laser. This means that you will not feel any heat or discomfort during treatment. This is a bit strange because we are used to feeling something if it is going to help us. In the case of cold laser the laser emits a light in a frequency that works on the cells of different tissues such as muscles, tendon and nerves. It helps remove the waste material and create blood flow. It also has an analgesic effect.


Inflammatory Conditions

The first type of condition that receives excellent benefit from laser treatment is inflammatory conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis. Why? Both of these conditions involve pain from inflammation, and the Class IV Laser used by Valley Foot Surgeons works specifically to reduce inflammation and therefore pain.


Ankle Sprains

Another indication for laser treatments is ankle sprains. These injuries are extremely common – 10% of doctor visits are due to ankle injuries. Whether it’s a normal ankle sprain or a high ankle sprain, laser treatment can assist with recovery.


Difficult Healing Wounds

Difficult healing wounds may benefit from laser treatments. Valley Foot Surgeons has developed a cutting edge protocol for diabetic ulcers and other wounds including amniotic based stem cell rich injections along with Class IV Laser Treatment. This combination has been able to significantly decrease wound healing time by well over 50%.


Post Surgical Healing

Using laser therapy post surgically will accelerate healing and reduce any pain related to edema and blood flow.



Laser treatments can reduce the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy and help you sleep better at night and enjoy extended pain relief.


Toenail Fungus – Onychomycosis

Fungal infection of the nails affects approximately 12% of Americans (American Academy of Dermatology).  This infection, termed onychomycosis, affects individuals such as athletes and those with a genetic predilection.


It varies in severity, and can cause pain and abnormal nail growth. Oral medication for toenail fungus carries a risk of liver failure and other side effects. Laser treatment for it, on the other hand, has been showing impressive results at Valley Foot Surgeons for the fungus.


Treatments with lasers take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. These toenail fungus laser treatments work exceptionally well. For toenail fungus, patients may need one to four treatments.